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January 1 2012

A New Year

A new year and a new blog that’s all about tea and us here at The Gilded Teapot. So welcome aboard! We’ll be keeping you updated on everything going on here – and boy do we have a lot planned!

So, a big hello to you. Here’s a little bit about us – I’m Jo, and I opened a brand new tea and coffee specialists in Dorchester, Dorset a little over a year ago. Tired of all the industrial tea bagged offerings on local supermarket shelves, we decided to bring loose leaf tea and local freshly roasted coffee to our little shop in an old tobacconists shop. And what a year it’s been so far – over one hundred teas and fourteen coffees later, we’ve got our website up and are planning all sorts of tea events and goings on for the next year…

You can follow us right here on this blog, and also on Twitter and Facebook so you’ll always be in touch with what’s cooking here at the teapot.

I love hearing about people’s first tea and coffee experiences that got them into loving the brew – be it supping Tibetan tea with butter or sipping Moroccan mint in a marketplace, do tell us what it was that got you started. Here’s what did it for me:

My family have always been big tea drinkers, and my Grandparents ran a hotel – my brother and I used to kick around in the kitchens during school holidays, and once we went to the Cash and Carry on their usual supply run (we loved riding on the big flatbed trollies). My Grandparents bought an industrial sack jam packed full of tea bags, and this particular one was having a giveaway – do you remember those dolls called Trolls? The ones with the hair? Well, there was one of these trolls in the tea sack, and one of the guys in the kitchen gave it to me. I must admit, I wasn’t really into the Trolls – I found them a bit scary to be honest, but I loved this one. Because this Troll was different – this Troll’s hair smelled of tea.

And that’s how it all began.

So thank you, Trolls and thank you, tea.

Happy New Year!

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