Barton Croft Stone Mug


With a large handle, Barton Croft’s mug is the perfect shape to get a good hug round your mug.  For all hot drinks, it holds approximately 300 ml.  Our mug is carefully designed to slightly taper in at the top, to keep your drink warm longer by slowing down the rate of cooling. Glazed in a soft stony cream satin-matt glaze, and made just down the road from our Lymington tea shop.

How are they made?

Barton Croft ceramics are made from a special clay; a hybrid between porcelain and stoneware. We love this clay as it retains the smooth texture and pure white colour of porcelain whilst being strong and durable enough for everyday use.

Made with over 15 processes, these plates are thrown by hand on the pottery wheel and stamped on the base with their logo. After being fired to 1000 degrees celsius, the bases of the ceramics are sanded to ensure they’re smooth and don’t cause any scratches to furniture.

They are then hand-dipped into Barton Croft’s exclusive glaze recipes which have been developed in the studio, and left to dry before being loaded into the kiln for the second time. The glaze firing takes 14 hours to get to the top temperature of 1260 degrees celsius, and a further 14 hours to cool. Finally, when the temperature drops below 100 degrees, the kiln is carefully unloaded and all the bases are given a final sand to check they are perfectly smooth.

Approximately 10 x 9 cm.  Due to the handmade nature, the mugs may have small imperfections, but we love these as they show how the makers’ hands have formed and finished each product.

Dishwasher, oven, microwave and freezer safe.  Like all ceramics, we recommend avoiding sudden large changes in temperature.

Many thanks for Barton Croft for their beautiful photography


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