Pomander Kit

Pomander Kit


The art of Pomander making dates back to the early Middle Ages. In tradition, these spiced and scented “pomme d’ambres” were used to repel undesirable vapours and bring good luck. The clove-studded orange has been enjoyed for centuries, and the gentle task creating one is one of the many joys of the season.

This kit contains ribbon, cloves, cinnamon and orris root – enough to make two Pomanders with oranges of your choosing.


How to make a pomander: Tie ribbons around the orange. With a knitting needle, poke small holes in peel in a pattern, then push cloves into the holes. Continue until whole orange covered. Roll orange in orris root and cinnamon. Hang studded orange in airing cupboard until dried out; this takes 1 – 3 months.



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