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July 16 2017

Tea Sourcing in Taiwan

Last autumn we traveled around the beautiful island of Taiwan sourcing teas – and here is our brand new video exploring our trip!

(Video not loading? Watch it on YouTube here>>>)

We visited an amazing grower, Alfredo, in Yuchi Township near Sun Moon Lake. His family have been tea farmers here for generations, and create some absolutely stunning teas. Alfredo has been working with a senior tea master to hone their skills and create one of the best Ruby 18 teas in the whole of Taiwan. It is with great pleasure that we can bring Alfredo’s tea directly to you in our tea shop.

We’re fortunate enough to have three of his teas arrive: the famous Ruby 18 Black Tea, an incredibly rare White Ruby made from the Ruby 18 tea leaf, and a charcoal roasted oolong that blew us away. (In the video you can see the custom room and tea smokers that Alfredo and his friend built just down the road from their natural tea gardens).



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