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October 26 2012

All Work & No Tea Makes Jack a Dull Boy

Darkness falls across the land, the midnight hour is close at hand…

Ahem, anyway, that’s enough Thriller. The spooky season is nigh, the clocks are going back, and blustery air is on its way. Nights in with films and blankets are at the top of our list, so we thought we’d share five of our favorites. And remember, if you find things are getting a bit too spooky, you can always pop and put the kettle on…

1. The Shining. One of my favorite films. We’re heading out to see the extended US cut this Halloween  – can’t wait. If you’re of a nervous disposition, when anyone goes into room 237 you can go and pop a brew on. And remember, all work and no tea makes Jack a dull boy.

2. Ghostwatch. First broadcast on Halloween in 1992, Ghostwatch is thoroughly, thoroughly brilliant. In a mock live-on-air broadcast, we find Michael Parkison, Craig Charles, Sarah Greene and Mark Smith investigating a family home where a poltergeist is thought to be making trouble. Long before Most Haunted and Fear, this one-off broadcast is a real trailblazer. You can find it here on Vimeo.

3. The Innocents. A perfectly crafted, dark, subtle ghostly Gothic. The sublime Deborah Kerr takes on the roll of a Victorian governess, charged with looking after two children, Flora and Miles  – but of course, all is not as it seems. Co written by Truman Capote, this 1961 is film is as haunting as it is beautiful.

4. Profondo Rosso. Argento. Say no more. Although, creepy dolls should get a mention, and a superb soundtrack from Goblin.

5. Shutter. A gripping 2004 Thai horror, focused (excuse the pun) on mysterious figures and faces seen in photographs after Tun, a photographer, and his friend Jane are involved in a hit-and-run traffic accident. Riveting, relentless, and an incredible scene involving a camera flash  (and plenty of better-put-the-kettle-on moments too).

So those are some of our picks – go ahead and tell which ones you’d choose too. We tend to go through autumn horrors with a big pot of Lapsang Souchong and a pile of biscuits, or a good wholesome pot of Dorset Brew. Now, time to stock up on toffee apples.

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